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Yuzuru Honda

We hack human “Laziness”.

Almost 10 years before I started FreakOut, I interpreted Larry Wall quotes “Laziness”, one of three great virtues of a programmer, in my own way (or should I say distorted), and was trying so hard to develop dream software that “automatically make money” in states.
I achieved a certain result, but ended that project for a larger purpose.
Through the project, I found that how much you computerize doesn’t really afford “Laziness”. When you computerize some process, you would work on more advanced process, and when you keep working on the process, you will know how to computerize it. It just repeats like this.

Motto of FreakOut “GIVE PEOPLE WORK THAT REQUIRES A PERSON” overlaps with this experience to me.
“Laziness” is a pure human behavior, which helped the progress of civilization.
As history shows, what we need to do is quite simple. We let computers do what they are very good at, so people can focus on another. It won’t be like people just being “lazy” or nothing, they WILL find more advanced work than before, anyway.
You may think it’s ironic that people have to work on even higher level in return for their “Laziness”. But, I think we should be optimistic rather than ironic about it. I believe that no matter how much we computerize our job, we have ability of can always find out more advanced work.

We, FreakOut, by hacking “Laziness”, hopefully contribute to the progress of civilization.

Founder & Global CEO
Yuzuru Honda

Yusuke Sato

Technology expands humanity's creativity.

The "job stealing" aspect of the information revolution has recently been the subject of much attention.
Not limited to factories, the automation of "jobs" through technology is likely to also spread to ordinary households, medical treatments, and knowledge work.

If nano-machines could be made to enter your cells and carry out medical treatments automatically, the jobs of many doctors could be replaced with robotics.

It is certainly thought that one of the things brought about the transition to factory-based industries that started in late 18th century Great Britain, or the era commonly referred to as the Industrial Revolution, was a tremendous amount of unemployment.
However, those who lost their jobs due to dramatic improvements in productivity revolutionized the way we live by creating new industries, such as the transportation industry through the use of the steam engine.

Industrialization did not change the world; the world changed when people were liberated from mundane tasks and given the freedom to fully express their creativity.

As a technology company, FreakOut simultaneously frees people from mundane tasks that computers can do better than humans and helps people focus on the tasks that only humans can do.

Our technologies and ideas exist to enhance our customers' creativity.

Yusuke Sato