• 2010


    How FreakOut got its started

    The company name includes the implication of to “freak out.”

    Yuzuru Honda started FreakOut from home in Chiba, Japan.

    After having his interest piqued by real-time bidding (RTB), a new advertising transaction structure created in New York, Honda founded FreakOut, the first tech company in Japan to deal with such advertising transactions. Because both sophisticated technology and management skills are required of a demand-side platform (DSP) business in RTB, Honda thought to apply his entrepreneurial and M&A experience in the ad technology field and started up his second company. Deciding that he would devote himself to development in the initial stage after founding, he based his office out of his home in Chiba and got started.

  • 2011


    Launched DSP "FreakOut".

    Became the first company to develop and provide DSP in Japan.

    Created the initial RTB market in Japan.

    Because DSP businesses cannot stand alone, Honda proposed to several advertising companies in which he had personal investments that they start supply-side platforms (SSP). FreakOut developed and provided Japan's first DSP while partnering with SSP businesses to establish Japan's RTB market.


    Moved the head office to Seijoki Street, Roppongi, Tokyo.

    Opened an office in Tokyo to begin full-fledged business activities, accompanying the hiring of the first employee.

    Shared office with other startup companies.

    The company moved into an office space and shared it with many startup companies which are now famous, and they shared not only the office space but also early stage of the entrepreneurial process. Some of those companies are Kanmu, Coiney, and CAMPFIRE, which are funded by FreakOut.


    Moved the head office to Aoyama Kotto Street, Omotesando, Tokyo.

    First office relocation accompanying business expansion.

    Fast-growing organization.

    The company moved to an office which could accommodate about 30 people. When the office was viewed in August of that year, the company had only 10 employees, but by the time it moved into the new offices, that number had expanded to almost 20. Even as the company was moving, it already had to think about its next move into a larger office.

  • 2012


    Established the US Branch.

    Manhattan 6th Avenue, near Times Square.


    Company head office relocated to Aoyama Street, Omotesando, Tokyo.

    Second office relocation accompanying business expansion.

    Named the office "Omotesando Studio".

    Learning from its mistake with the previous office, the company secured an entire floor which had space to accommodate more than 100 people working. We built a music stage in the middle of the elliptical office space and named it "Omotesando Studio".


    Established a board of directors

    Yusuke Sato and Kotaro Yokoyama became Directors.

  • 2013


    Established Intimate Merger, Inc.

    Started the DMP business.

    Revolutionizing data usage

    Intimate Merger, Inc. is a company specializing in DMP. It was founded by representative Ryoji Yanashima, who ranked #3 in the world in big data analysis at the RSCTC 2010 Discovery Challenge (the world's biggest statistical algorythm contest).


    Established the Singapore Branch.

    Expanded business into Asia.


    Awarded 1st place at Job Creation 2013.

    Won the first place with the increase of the number of employees from 2 to 70 in 2 years.

    Job Creation 2013

    A system by which Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC awards venture companies which are highly effective at creating jobs. Points are calculated by multiplying the increase in the number of employees over the last two years by the rate of increase, and the results put the company in the rankings.

    Established M.T.Burn Inc,.

    Started the native ad network business for smartphones.Note: M.T.Burn Inc,. was dissolved in November 2019, due to the service transfer to LINE corporation was complete.

    Improving media experiences for internet users

    M.T.Burn Inc. was founded to develop and provide native advertising platforms that make digital advertising more beautiful, generating interesting content and information that is useful to users.

  • 2014


    Moved the head office to Roppongi Hills Crosspoint, Roppongi, Tokyo (current location).

    Creative Fun Office with imitaion pool, forest and basketball court.

    Named the office "Roppongi Hills Garage".

    In order to keep our venture spirit, the company moved the head office to Crosspoint, a low-rise building which is located at the foot of the Roppongi Hills high-rise, allowing us to look always upward—we named the office "Hills Garage.
    Honda was searching for a way to express to those outside the ad-technology sector, which is opaque even by internet advertising standards, what it was and how interesting it could be. Architect Makoto Tanijiri proposed to him an office design which was out of the ordinary, and which would be well suited to the company's name, FreakOut, which means "to astonish."


    Listed stock on the Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    FreakOut, as independent firm experienced consecutive profitability from the first term until IPO, made one of the fastest IPO.


    Established the Kansai Branch.

    Established branch in Osaka to increase the market share in Western Japan.

  • 2016


    Launched Mobile Marketing Platform, "Red".

    "Red" is Mobile Marketing Platform specializing in maximazing smartphone advertising effectiveness.


    Changed the company's logo.

    Recreated logo and changed brand color from Orange to Dark Red.

    The spirit behind FreakOut logo.

    FreakOut logo implies,
    1. We will continue to challenge (we will always be a venture company)
    2. We will always powerfully impact others (we will not be in uenced, we will be the in uencers)
    Because of those meanings, because of the powerful impact that the color red holds, we chose "Deep Red #AA0000" as our brand color.


    Established IRIS Inc.

    Started the IoT type digital signage business.

    "Tokyo Prime": A new age in digital signage for taxis

    Iris Inc. changed the concept of taxi advertising, which heretofore has been replete with "complex commodities," and provides "premium video advertising" targeting high earners who use taxis in central Tokyo.

  • 2017


    Transited to a holding company structure and changed the company's name to FreakOut Holdings, inc.

    Transited to a holding company structure to achieve the company's mission “Give People Work That Requires A Person.” globally in not only the advertising field and also in a variety of other industries.


    Made adGeek Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd consolidated subsidiary.

    Entered the ad trading desk business as well as media monetization support for the entire Asia area.

    A marketing consulting firm started in Taiwan

    AdGeek was founded in 2014 in Taiwan by co-founders Frank Chen, James Chen, and Stanley Huang, who have over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry.


    Started new management structure to expand business overseas and new busineses.

    Tomohiro Yasukura and Shusuke Nagai became Directors.

  • 2019


    Merged Domestics Advertising Business and Foreign Advertising Business.

    Implemented an organizational structure to increase competitiveness in the global market both domestically and overseas.

    Established the headquarters of Advertising Business in Singapore.

    The advertising business's HQ was established in Singapore, where the business which has been expanded across Japan and other global regions is managed. In an effort to transform into a product company with strong competitive power in the global market, the domestic and international advertising business was consolidated in January 2019.


    Made Playwire, LLC consolidated subsidiary.

    Expanded business into the United States and other English-speaking areas.

    A Complete Monetization Platform from the U.S.

    Playwire, LLC was founded in 2007 in Florida, USA.
    Developing and managing Complete Monetization Platforms, Playwire supports maximization of media earnings through optimization applications that make use of machine learning.


    Intimate Merger, Inc. was listed stock on the Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    Intimate Merger, Inc., a consolidated subsidiary engaged in the DMP business, was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers. Note: Intimate Merger, Inc. became an unconsolidated subsidiary on November 18th, 2020.

  • 2020


    Celebrated 10 years in business.

    To commemorate the 10th anniversary of FreakOut foundation, a special website was launched with a message from Honda and introduction to the company's history.


    Started new managemant structure.

    Keiji Tokiyoshi and Makoto Takeuchi became Directors.

  • 2022


    Established FreakOut N.A., Inc.

    Based in New York, Expanded business into the U.S.

    Global hub in the U.S.

    FreakOut N.A., Inc. has developed various range of products that have lasting global impact into the world, including the contextually targeted ad serving solution, called 'GP'.


    Established Freakout Investment Inc.

    Management of funds and business support for start-up companies in Japan and abroad.