• Founder & Global CEO

    Yuzuru Honda

    Yuzuru Honda is the Founder & Global CEO of FreakOut Holdings, inc., which he founded in October 2010. He manages the company's fast-growing business around the world.
    Yuzuru is a multiple career backgrounded serial entrepreneur who experiences both M&A and IPO in ad technology business. Prior to FreakOut, he established contents matching ads company, Brainer Inc. in September 2005 and sold to Yahoo Japan Corporation in April 2008.
    Before that, he was a composer, robot technician, biologist, and turned into an entrepreneur.

  • Director, Chief Business Development Officer

    Yusuke Sato

    Yusuke Sato is Chief Business Development Officer of FreakOut Holdings, inc., and Representative Director of hey, Inc.
    He is also a successful angel investor that supports new startups and a wide variety of other companies.
    Yusuke joined FreakOut as COO in May 2011, where he led business partnerships with LINE Corporation and became CEO of M.T.Burn Inc., joint venture between FreakOut and LINE.
    Prior to FreakOut, he worked at Google, Inc. Before that, he started up and operated an e-commerce site involving used road bikes.Note: M.T.Burn Inc,. will be dissolved in 2019, due to the service transfer to LINE corporation was complete.

  • Director, Global COO

    Tomohiro Yasukura

    Tomohiro Yasukura is Global COO of FreakOut Holdings, inc., where heads advertising business operation globally overseeing the company's growing business.
    He joined FreakOut in June 2013, started up the Human Resources Department as the manager, and engaged in recruitment of new graduates and mid-career candidates, construction of the human resources policy, nurturing human resources, and scaling FreakOut's start-up culture.
    Prior to joining FreakOut, he joined DeNA Co., Ltd. in July 2011.
    There, he engaged in business development and forming alliances with the largest companies in the country.
    Before that, he joined Recruit (currently Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) in April 2008. He engaged in recruitment consulting there.

  • Director, CFO

    Shusuke Nagai

    Shusuke Nagai is CFO of FreakOut Holdings, inc., where he leads the Administration and Corporate Planning Division.
    Prior to becoming CFO in December 2017, he served as Executive Officer of FreakOut Holdings, inc. and engaged in the incorporation of holding company since he joined in November 2016.
    Before that, he worked at Petgo Corporation as CFO and Endeavor Partners Co., Ltd. advising on M&A.
    Shusuke holds B.A. in Letters from Kyoto University.

Executive Officer

  • Executive Officer

    Nobuyuki Akashi

    Nobuyuki Akashi is Executive Officer of FreakOut Holdings, inc., where he is in charge of the Tech Lab.
    Nobuyuki joined FreakOut in January 2014 and took the role of Executive Officer.
    Previously, he joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2000 after working at a system development company. He engaged in development of the advertisement delivery, big data, and billing systems for Yahoo! Japan.
    Through the advertising technology of Yahoo!, he spearheaded internet advertising technology in Japan, and took the office of CTO of the same company in April 2009 and senior fellow in October 2013.
    At Yahoo!, he was successful in many mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and other deals. Brainer Inc., the first company started up by Yuzuru Honda, the founder of our company, was one of these mergers and acquisitions in 2007.

  • Executive Officer

    Coji Mizoguchi

    Coji Mizoguchi is Executive Officer of FreakOut Holdings, inc., where he is in charge of the IRIS business.
    After joining FreakOut in February 2013 and taking charge of business development and alliance formation, Coji established IRIS Co., Ltd., the joint corporation between our company and JapanTaxi Co., Ltd., in June 2016 and took the office of Executive Vice President.
    Prior to joining FreakOut, he conducted research and development of new services, development of an internal information system, internal control, general IT controls, implementation of an ERP system for all group companies, head of engineering recruitment, head of business planning, and head of project development for new businesses at Dwango Co., Ltd. and Niwango, Inc.