Founder & Global CEO

Yuzuru Honda

Yuzuru Honda is a multiple career backgrounded serial entrepreneur. He used to be a composer, robot technician, biologist, and turned into an entrepreneur. He experiences both M&A and IPO in ad technology business. He first established contents matching ads company “Brainer” in Sep. 2005 and sold to Yahoo!Japan in Apr. 2008. He started FreakOut, inc. in Oct. 2010.
Global CEO of FreakOut Holdings Jan. 2017.

Representative Director

Yusuke Sato

ex-Google, He joined Google, Inc., 2008. He completes Google The Foundations of Leadership. He joined FreakOut, inc. in May 2011 as COO.
CEO of M.T.Burn, joint venture between FreakOut and LINE.
Representative Director of FreakOut Holdings Jan 2017.


Kotaro Yokoyama

Finance Manager at Brainer the company which Yuzuru Honda established as his 1st company. He leads success for M&A with Yahoo!Japan. He joined FreakOut, inc. 2011 as CFO.
CFO of FreakOut Holdings Jan. 2017.